Linking up Slovakia with the world of language learners on Clubhouse

It was great hooking up with the crew from The Lingo Lobby yesterday  (28 March) in their room called “the  Town Hall” ????.

I took the plunge, raised my hand and went “up” ⬆️ on the stage and interacted with the founders and owners of the club.  My request was very simple, but I was taken aback by the swift response. In under a minute, the Slovak language ???????? was added to the list of languages in this wonderful club with more than 2️⃣????0️⃣0️⃣members. If my search was correct, it is the largest multi-lingual club out there in this regard, as of this time. Thanks @esme and @xi’an for letting me speak and present my rooms.  And not only for that.

With thousands of new memebers on the waiting list every day, who have to be manually admitted by the 4️⃣-strong, undoubtedly hard working team, I am just guessing they are dreaming about a button which would do it automatically in the hundreds. There are other more pressing things to focus on, though.

The team @Clubhouse are surely burning candles at “all”ends to come  up with new features.  But when’s the launch due ???? ? With very few in the know, everything is shrouded with mystery. ????????

What is known however, although still largely unknown to many, Clubhouse has ✨sparked an urge among its giant competitors @Facebook, Twitter, or even Spotify to start rolling out new features on an unprecedented scale. And they all have a common denominator between the lines. Monetization????. And you thought social media was getting mundane!

Paying to read the tweets or to join a conversation ????with someone we look up to, is bound to work at all levels and from top to bottom. Big names on top of every industry cashing in on tips or tickets, musicians showcasing their talent, teachers getting paid for lessons, counsellors, speakers, comedians, artists you name it. Volunteering? Changing life for the better? We all want to get onboard. ????

Seems like Clubhouse,  one of the latest members of the Unicorn club ???? is the latest buzzword. And yet, most of the people I shared the idea of our newly launched regular weekly show with,  and invited them to listen ???? , hadn’t even heard of Clubhouse. I had to make sure those intrigued got an invite and I actually lost a couple in the process – watch out – only send one to an iphone user with their number saved in your contacts in the International format. If you don’t do it that way… well that’s it. You have to wait to get a new one.

????????SlovaKlub????????, which I mention before, is a very young idea. And in the case of the pilot, it worked. The moderators included ????a Slovak language teacher Asia from iCan language school, giving a lesson on Slovak food, ????a young dynamic ex-student of our language school  Lucka, now going under the name “Lucia_nutrition” providing tips on health and well-being, ????Robo Schön, an expat, a London music label owner and manager, with his own podcast on football and a radio show on a London radio, ????our latest addition to the teaching staff- Lukáš, who studies at the Faculty of International Relations in Banská Bystrica and finally ????us with our OM Dáša, who helped out with the duties in the room ????.

Connecting an international audience ???? with Slovak people, engaging us all in English conversation, an interactive Q&A session by our team and people in the audience, who had dropped-in maybe just to listen, was a success. We also learned our bit and are ready to “smash” it in the first episode and already can’t wait.  Mark your calendar. ???? Saturday at 7pm CET(6pm UK time) Make sure you become a member of the Lingo Lobby. The fastest way to do it is to follow the admins after you follow the club.

And since I’ve developed some kind of Clubhouse addiction ☠️????, which I also warn you about, we are coming up with a series of interesting rooms to practice English, teach Slovak, train teachers and other stuff I won’t reveal yet.

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