We have launched SLOVAKLUB

???????? SLOVAKLUB ???????? The mission – to create a positive environment for discussions on anything related to Slovakia in English ???????? and connect English-speaking Slovaks with the world through Slovak-related content.
This way, we can all learn about each other’s cultures whilst improving our English skills. The ultimate goal is to increase the confidence of Slovak people to be able to leave their mark in the world and be more successful and do so in interaction with international members, who are already flooding in ????. And all of this for free. ????????

The reason I felt the urge to do it comes from my 17 years of experience in  ????????teaching English. Can you guess what the most common sentence is when we introduce ourselves? “I’m sorry for my English, but…”
Also, I have found out, that sometimes it isn’t even true and it’s all down to underestimating our skills. Let’s make a turnaround together in  ???????? SLOVAKLUB ????????. I’d like to INVITE EVERYONE who wants to improve their English to join ???????? SLOVAKLUB ????????, read the rules and FEEL free to open your own rooms. ???? There is sth like a general assembly on 9th March at 19.00 to discuss the rooms called ???????? HUBka ???????? scheduled for 7 pm tomorrow (GMT+1). So if you are interested in how to start a room in general, not only on Slovaklub, this is the right place for you. Make sure you follow me, hit the bell – change settings to “Always” and be on Clubhouse at 7. You’ll get notified, come in, and join the Q&A.

Follow the leaders in Language learning on Clubhouse. Follow  ???????? SLOVAKLUB ???????? and enjoy making your own rooms. ✋????????#slovaklub #clubhouse#slovak#slovakculture#slovensko#slovaquie#slovacco#learnslovak#practiceenglish#tefl#bestanglina #learnlanguages#zvolen#bratislava#slavic#europe#slovenčina #banskabystrica #žilina #nitra #explore #learn#celta#food#networking #quirks #speak#listen

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